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Freshly Squeezed Image Credit: Cosmopolitan UK
Freshly Squeezed Image Credit: Cosmopolitan UK

Freshly Squeezed

This season’s zesty orange lips and lids are anything but sour

Joanna Taylor



Nothing says “daring” like the neon lids and lashes seen on the Byblos S/S 19 catwalk. To recreate the look, Paul & Joe make-up artist Jo Martin says you need to ace your base first: “Apply an illuminating foundation all over, followed by an eye primer on the lids – it’ll make the subsequent color pop.” Then, tracing the natural shape of the eye, use a wet eyeshadow brush to paint an orange pigment all over the lid and just above the socket line. Finish it off with a coat or two of matching orange mascara on the upper lashes. Fresh.



Ramp up the fierce factor with this roaring take on the classic cat eye. To get the Zero + Maria Cornejo S/S 19 look, Martin says, “Apply a lightweight foundation and coat the lids in eye primer. Then use a neon orange liner to carefully trace along the lash line, adding a small flick at the end.” (If you can’t get it right on the first go, use a cotton bud dipped in cleanser to touch up any mistakes.) Finally, brush a pale bronzer across the apples of the cheeks and add a dab of glossy lip balm for a healthy-looking pout. Miaow.



Still not quite nailed that summer glow? Warm up your complexion with Hellessy’s matching lip and cheek com

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