What to give the worlds top leaders for 2018 Image Credit: Time
What to give the worlds top leaders for 2018 Image Credit: Time

What To Give The World's Top Leaders For 2018

WHETHER YOU’RE A TYRANT, A wannabe or a has-been, (almost) everyone deserves a gift for the holidays. Here are a few select recipients and the presents that will see them through 2018.

Ian Bremmer

Top of the list is North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, who we’ll give a burger with Donald Trump. Let’s see what happens. Maybe these two men can come to an understanding. But “Rocket Man” gets no cheese until he promises to stop firing ballistic missiles.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin needs a time machine to take him back to March 2014, so he can stop at Crimea. Look at his poll numbers: the bump topped out when Putin added Crimea to the trophy case. The continuing fight in Ukraine’s eastern provinces has brought him nothing of value. He’ll be re-elected in March, but given the state of Russia’s economy, it won’t be long before he’s pining for a return to simpler times.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel gets to unwrap a coalition partner. She knows how to lead a government, but she’s not someone who enjoys political limbo.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron gets nothing. You know he wants euro-zone reform, collective European defense and restored French influence in North Africa and the Middle East. But he got enough presents in 2017, and we shouldn’t spoil this kid.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will find a dignified departure in her stocking. Rarely is an incoming leader dealt a such a terrible hand—but she hasn’t played it terribly well.

Turkey’s Presid

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