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Blue Bloods Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly
Blue Bloods Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Blue Bloods

WHEN THE TIME CAME FOR THE BLUE Bloods cast to film their 10th-season premiere—and 200th episode overall—Tom Selleck gave a speech.

David Canfield

“I don’t like to make speeches,” he admits. “But I started realizing that this was a big deal.” Addressing them on set, he congratulated the cast and crew. He commended their dedication. Finally, he toasted to more years of working together. “I think the show is endless until you lose that commitment,” he says, “which we haven’t seemed to lose.”

Like other police procedurals, Blue Bloods features plenty of shoot-outs and car chases. But over the past decade it’s evolved, leaning more into its signature elements: the conflicts within the Reagan family—scattered across different branches of New York City law enforcement—and their sacred family dinners that cap each episode. “I feel like the writing for my character has gotten more interesting and intricate over the years,” says Bridget Moynahan, who plays ADA Erin Reagan.

Showrunner Kevin Wade teases that episode 200 will feature “the first time that a non-Reagan will be welcomed to the family dinner scene.” Of course, the last time we had a surprise guest, in season 8, Jamie (Will Estes) brought his former cop partner Eddie (Vanessa Ray)—and announced their engagement. They married at the end of last season, and Wade is excited to dig into this new dynamic. “There are no good scenes between happy couples,” he cracks. “So we’ve looked at the real life of two married cops—what t

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