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9 1 1 Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly
9 1 1 Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly


EVEN A DAY AT THE BEACH IS cause for drama on this Fox hit.

For its third-season premiere, 9-1-1 is wiping out the Santa Monica Pier with a massive tsunami— and firefighter Buck (Oliver Stark) is among those dropping the funnel cake and running for dear life. “I thought we had gone as big as you could possibly go, but no, there’s more,” jokes star Angela Bassett, referencing season 2’s multi-episode earthquake premiere. The effects and scale are so huge that production is using the Mexico-based water tanks James Cameron employed to film 1997’s Titanic. “We re-created Santa Monica streets in this tank, along with a piece of the Santa Monica Pier,” says showrunner and co-creator Tim Minear (American Horror Story). “The tsunami hits, and what’s left is the sign that says ‘Santa Monica Pier’ and the top 30 percent of the Ferris wheel sticking out of the ocean.”

Once that crisis is averted, though, things are hardly calm for the newly married Bobby (Peter Krause) and Athena (Bassett). The seventh episode of the season will finally give viewers Athena’s origin story and reveal what drove her to join the police. “We’re all getting along well with this new family, this new dynamic, and then, of course in this 9-1-1 world, something happens,” teases Bassett. “This whole discovery that just brings up her past and what has made her who she is.” Adds Minear: “We see a very young Athena and an event that took place in th

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