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Spidey Abroad Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly
Spidey Abroad Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Spidey Abroad

Peter Parker’s back, and he’s about to get a well-deserved summer vacation. But if you thought his class trip to Europe would go off without a hitch, you don’t know Marvel (or Mysterio).

Leah Greenblatt

It’s August in Italy, and Venice looks like a postcard. Market stalls and small cafés line cobblestone streets; flowers spill over wrought-iron balconies; a young bride and groom embrace by a tranquil canal. And then it hits a seismic blast of malevolent, man-shaped water, sweeping the newlyweds off their feet like the world’s worst-conceived Six Flags ride. But who’s that swooping in to save the day? He doesn’t seem like a superhero—he’s not even wearing spandex— though he does look a lot like Tom Holland.

Just over six weeks into the Spider-Man: Far From Home shoot, the 23-year-old British actor is actually not far at all: The “canal” is a massive water tank located at a film studio just outside his London hometown, its 2 million-plus gallons tinted a fitting Venetian blue. But his Peter Parker, the kid from Queens–turned–arachnid-blessed enforcer, is a stranger in a strange land, and he’s not having the trip he planned. “The film picks up on the last day of school,” Holland explains later in his trailer. “Peter and his friends go on a summer vacation to Europe, and it’s time for him to sort of hang up the Spider-Man suit and take a break. He’s very tired from recent events that have been going on in the MCU, as I’m sure you’re aware, and he basically just wants to go on vacation. That vacation is hijacked by [Samuel L. Jackson’s S.H.I.E.L.

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