Jessica Chastain Image Credit: People
Jessica Chastain Image Credit: People

Jessica Chastain

The Actress, 42, Stars In The New Horror Sequel It Chapter Two

Kara Warner

Last time I was superstitious Every time I get on a plane. I put my feet on the edge of the doorway, and I take my right hand and put it on the outside of the plane, and then I say in my head, “Everything is going to be fine.” Then I step on.

Last indulgence I was in a hotel room and couldn’t sleep, so I opened up a bag of sea salt chips and put chocolate inside it. And then I drank a beer. It was delicious.

Last time I danced Oh, I do a little wiggle every day. Not like fully dancing, but music is always playing in my head.

Last time I watched the sunrise Today, because I’m jetlagged. I was up at 3:45 a.m., so I researched the nearest coffee places and walked over to one at 6:40. It wasn’t open yet, but I got to enjoy the sunrise.

Last time I cursed Probably 20 minutes ago. I just always curse. I say “f---” a lot. I think it’s becuse I live in New York, I feel like it’s my duty.

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