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A Storybook Beginning

In Los Angeles, a young family enlists ETC.etera cofounders (and best friends) Sally Breer and Jake Rodehuth-Harrison to reveal the next chapter of their storied 1924 light-filled Silver Lake Tudor-style bungalow.

Chantal Lamers

The Los Angeles home of Daniela Hamilton and Scott Yacyshyn has a Hollywood beginning and a fairy-tale ending (or should we say beginning?). Daniela was an aspiring comedy writer working the front desk at a spa when she first met interior designer Sally Breer. Breer arrived at the spa harried and overscheduled and, above all, embarrassed to ask Daniela the favor of passing her keys to a mechanic she’d scheduled to repair her windshield wipers smack-dab in the middle of her treatment. Daniela, then sporting a blond mohawk, responded with style and humor. Within minutes the pair clicked, laughing over the awkward interaction. Before the end of the day, Sally offered Daniela the job of helping run her studio. "I like to tell people that it was love at first laugh with Sally," says Daniela. "Her laugh is nuts and contagious and the best thing in the world, especially if you're someone who is trying to make it writing comedy."

Fast-forward five years, and Daniela and her partner, Scott, a writer and illustrator, are collaborating on an animated television series, have a baby boy (Rambo, who is now two), and have purchased a home. They naturally turned to Sally and ETC.etera (etcforshort.com) cofounder Jake Rodehuth- Harrison to apply their soulful stamp on the century-old Tudor home. Over the years ETC.etera had become the go-to interior-design firm for creatives; their work on Hotel Covell in L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood raised the bar on the Eastside hospitality aesthetic.

Jake toured the house with the couple and immediately found inspiration from its classic, eclectic façade. "The minute you see the house, set far back on a meandering stone walkway, you’re looking at this twostory turret, complete with merlons and crenels, so it literally feels like a castle," says Jake. Daniela, a self-professed bookworm, and Scott, a sci-fi nerd, were on the same page. "I made a joke about it being the Magic Castle and it stuck," says Jake.

That playful nod was just the dawn of the process. Jake and Sally frequently conceive eccentric narratives for their projects. "We were able to start with these fabulous characters and house and connect who they are and where they’ve been with who they will be as the story unfolds."

Sally and Jake envisioned an abstract storybook theme based in part on Daniela's extensive library (don’t dare ask her to part with a book) balanced by subtle nods to Scott's favorite science fiction and horror movies. (They even paid tribute to his regular Dungeons & Dragons gameplay.) The fairy-tale ending is a home that captures both a sense of wonder and a sophisticated edge. "I never want to leave," says Daniela. "Because it’s literally in the bones now, the amount of love they put into the house."


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September - October 2019