Sleep Smarter Simple Steps For A Better Nights Rest Image Credit: Sunset
Sleep Smarter Simple Steps For A Better Nights Rest Image Credit: Sunset

Sleep Smarter Simple Steps For A Better Night's Rest

If tossing and turning is your typical prelude to sleep, then maybe it’s time to reset your routine. The long list of factors that can upset a proper night of Z’s is exhausting, ranging from the tidiness of your room to your pre-sleep screen time to whether your pillows are free of—yuck—microscopic dust mites.

These three experts share tips to help ease you into a sound night’s rest so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Chantal Lamers


When revamping the Oakland home of Ayurvedic practitioner Sachi Doctor (pictured), Jung relied on textures and an understated palette for a soothing space. “I regularly recommend linen bedding, because it’s a breathable fabric that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter,” she says. Orkney Linen

Duvet Cover, from $285; Channeled Cotton Quilt, from $169; Agnes Pillow, $140; Reactor Vase, $200;


“The ability to control the amount of natural light coming into your bedroom is key to a restful night’s sleep. Consider either blackout shades or light-filtering curtains, depending on whether you are ultra-sensitive to light or need a bit of light to wake up properly.”


“I’m a firm believer that a clutter-free nightstand surface will give you a clear head to prepare you for a restful sleep.”

Mary Helen Rogers

As far as sleep deterrents go, smartphones are at the top of the list these days, says Mary Helen Rogers, vice president of marketing and communications for the International Sleep Products Association (


That blue light slows the secretion of melatonin, affecting your ability to fall asleep. “It&rsq

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