The Money Talk With Chrissy Metz Image Credit: Money
The Money Talk With Chrissy Metz Image Credit: Money

The Money Talk With Chrissy Metz

The This Is Us star is still learning how to balance a budget.

JenniferĀ Calfas

MONEY: You’ve talked openly about having 81¢ in your bank account when you booked This Is Us. CHRISSY METZ: I’ve never identified as a number— whether it’s a number in my bank account or on the scale. I’ve never attached my worth to that, and I think that was really helpful in realizing that things are going to change. I might be heavier, I might be lighter. I might have more money, I might have less money. Things can be fleeting. Treat people kindly. You do good, you think positive thoughts, that’s the priority. That’s what’s important.

Now that you have more financial security, what kinds of lessons are you learning?

First of all, nothing is personal. I always try to remind myself of that. No matter what somebody thinks of me or doesn’t think of me, I can’t get attached to what their thoughts are, because their perception is their reality. That doesn’t mean that’s what’s actually happening.

I’m learning how to understand what finances mean and to have savings or an idea and a plan in place so that I don’t become—goodness, God forbid if I don’t have a job for a couple of years—so that I’m not going to be broke again.

When you live paycheck to paycheck, it’s like, “Okay, I have my car payment, I have my bills, and if I have anything left, then maybe I can buy groceries.” It’s

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