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Ash vs Evil Dead Image Credit: Famous Monsters of Filmland
Ash vs Evil Dead Image Credit: Famous Monsters of Filmland

Ash vs Evil Dead

With the second season premiere of ASH VS EVIL DEAD, our hero, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), and his band of mischievous sidekicks, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), are coming to Ash’s hometown.

Laura Sirikul

The story continues some time after the season finale, with Ash and his friends living the party life in Jacksonville, Florida. Unfortunately, the dead have returned to wreak havoc on the party. Ash must go back to where it all started — his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan — where he must join forces with his former opponent, Ruby (Lucy Lawless), to fight against the Deadites.

“This season gets very personal,” Campbell tells FM. “Ash has to go home to his town of Elk Grove to save his small town and they don’t really want him back, because when he left 30 years ago, he left under a cloud of suspicion. He was basically a serial killer. They created an urban myth called Ashy Slashy. The kids sing it in town now. The hero returns, but he ain’t a hero when he comes back. Nor is he welcomed. So he’s got to fight the Evil Dead, but he’s gonna fight the stigma of the town as well. There are many layers to the season. It’s like an artichoke. Just peel it back.”

Not only will he have to deal with the Evil Dead, but Ash also will have to confront his past — mainly his estranged father, Brock, played by THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN ’70s favorite Lee Majors. Campbell excitedly discusses working with the former Bionic Man: “Lee brings iconicism. I mean, he’s iconic. Who else would I want for my father than the Six Million Dollar Man? We’re both bioni

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