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Supercharge Your Skin Image Credit: Mums and Tots
Supercharge Your Skin Image Credit: Mums and Tots

Supercharge Your Skin

Anita Murray, Founder of The Pink Beauty Group, (and general beauty guru!) gives us her tips for small products with big skin gains!

Anita Murray

If overhauling your entire skin-care routine after summer is not an option then fear not we have got you covered. Let’s talk ampoules, supercharged serums, high potency actives, and peels!

Ampoules and Concentrates

The big trend this year is ampoules. If you are not already using them - you are missing a trick! Most of us are already using serums in our routine or a great moisturizer with a hit of skin-loving active ingredients. So, why complicate things by adding another mini serum to our beauty arsenal? Well, these targeted cutting-edge elixirs are not just delivering a top-up of rejuvenation or hydration that your skin needs. When compared to serum, an ampoule is an intensively-high concentration of active ingredients, focused on a specific skin concern over a week to 28 days-use. Ampoules pack a punch in helping the skin truly transform.

Typically, each ampoule is sealed in a tiny, airtight, single-use capsule and focused on the specific skin concerns. Here is a general breakdown:

Boosters: A skin booster is designed to enhance the absorption of the next step in your skincare routine, which could be a serum or moisturizer while balancing PH levels and hydrating skin with its lightweight formula.

Serum: The best way to think of a serum is that it’s a lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer, designed to deliver active ingredients into the deeper

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