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Sleep Regression Vs Growth Spurt Image Credit: Mums and Tots
Sleep Regression Vs Growth Spurt Image Credit: Mums and Tots

Sleep Regression Vs. Growth Spurt

It goes without saying that sleep can be frustrating especially within the first year of life.

Lucy Wolfe

No sooner do you think that you have established a healthy sleeping pattern than something seems to knock you off course. From nap transitions to weaning onto solid food, dropping night-time feeds and of course sleep regressions and growth spurts. Many clients ask me if the sleep regression is a myth. I would confirm that sleep regressions are indeed very real and can make your child’s sleep and indeed your own sleep, fall apart in a heartbeat with frustrating night awakenings and nap resistance.

The most notable sleep regressions may be observed at four months, 8 months and/ or 9-10 months, 12 months, 18 and 2 years. You will be pleased to know that not all families will experience a regression at each of these intervals, but what you may find is one or two of the regression phases are more disruptive than the others.

At four months, parents will often observe a distinct deterioration of their child’s sleeping pattern and regrettably, these changes are often permanent. It coincides with the character of sleep maturing and the emergence of your child’s sleep looking very similar to adult’s sleep-with the exception of needing more and dreaming more than we do. This regression may mean that you experience very frequent night arousals that require your assistance to help your child back to sleep. It is at this point that parents may find they are replugging the dummy more times than they can count or perhaps feeding times occur more frequen

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