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The Power Of AnEarly Bedtime Image Credit: Mums and Tots
The Power Of AnEarly Bedtime Image Credit: Mums and Tots

The Power Of An Early Bedtime

As adults we often have an early night to make up for a late night or a busy week.

Lucy Wolfe

This can be a very helpful strategy with young children’s sleep, especially when your child’s sleep is not going very well, they are recovering from sickness or you have been away on holidays. In fact, young children are biologically programmed anyway to go to bed relatively early and relatively early in the morning even if they routinely sleep well overnight.

One of the largest causes of child sleep issues may be a bedtime that is too late. This can be a foundation for a lot the problems experienced by parents. Generally, with children from 4 months to age 5-6 years of age, their bedtime may need to be somewhere between 6-8pm. All children are different, but they are pre-disposed to getting tired and be “sleep ready” in this time frame. Many families that I work with have a bedtime that is outside this bandwidth and so it will need to be brought forward significantly as we correct the ongoing sleep issues. That is not to say that you will always have to operate a very early bedtime, but it will definitely be the basis of any sleep strategy that I put together for a family for two main reason-your child’s body will be naturally getting ready to sleep in this time frame and their brain will be open to learning “a new” way of going to sleep. If you attempt to correct sleep issues without bringing forward the time, you may well be successful, but on the other hand you may not and you may find your child is extremely upset and ju

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