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Real MumsSophie White Mother Of Pod Image Credit: Mums and Tots
Real MumsSophie White Mother Of Pod Image Credit: Mums and Tots

Real Mums: Sophie White, Mother Of Pod

We couldn’t love the new Mother of Pod podcast any more!!!! If you haven’t listened to it yet, put it on your immediate to do list - all 30 something episodes! M&T Editor, Roberta von Meding, chatted to Sophie White, half of the dynamic MOP duo.

Roberta Von Meding

Q Tell us how you and Jen came up with the idea of having a podcast called Mother of Pod?

A A comedy podcast about parenting was a no brainer. Parenthood is such a surreal experience that it’d have to be comedy, the only other suitable genre would be science fiction. I had done bits of stand up at open mics which I loved but it wasn’t great hours-wise. Also lots of my material was about shitting myself in a room full of strangers (giving birth) and the 20-years-olds in the audience were always very confused and horrified.

I sent Jen a Whatapp saying “Picture me down on one knee… Will you be my podcast wife?” with an engagement ring emoji. Luckily she said “yes!”

Jen is always ahead of the curve, she was the first person I knew who listened to podcasts and she’s the funniest person I know, so I knew she’s be the best partner. That’s the key, find someone better than you and ride their coattails. Then I went to meet our now producer, Cassie who I’d worked with before and who co-hosts a podcast called Before Brunch, which I love. I said I’d buy her coffee in exchange for her answering my dumb techie questions about how to publish our shite-talk on the internet. At the end of our coffee, she threw me a bone said she’d record our pilot to help us out and then she just stuck around, which has been a amazing. Having her perspective is invaluable in te

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