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Climate warrior Image Credit: Big Issue
Climate warrior Image Credit: Big Issue

Climate Warrior

Teenage climate change activist Lily Shaw shares why she is sacrificing her education to demand climate justice for her generation from those in power.

My name is Lily Shaw, and I am 13 years old. I have been on a permanent climate strike since the start of this year to protest the destruction of my generation’s future.

I have been outside parliament every Friday in support of the global movement Fridays for Future. Sarah Truter has been striking with me. We have been sacrificing our education in order to educate the public about the threats as well as demanding climate justice from decision-makers who are in power.

The fact that still barely any decisionmakers have acknowledged the science and the fact that we are in the sixth mass extinction is frustrating. It is even more frightening to think that human extinction will happen without decisionmakers even lifting a finger to stop this, and instead turning to investing in more coal, oil and gas.

How can our governments and corporations consciously steal the futures from an entire generation and all future generations? Imagine taking the human right to be alive away from so many adults and children?

As the people we can stop this, but only if we unite behind the science. This is not a middle-class issue; this a real problem. It will carry on growing until we no longer have the means to correct it, but if we unite, we may save ourselves.

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