French Twist Image Credit: Maxim
French Twist Image Credit: Maxim

French Twist

Maxim France Cover Girl winner Megan Khira brings her beauty to the world.

Keith Gordon

While only 24 years old, Megan Khira is a seasoned vet-eran of the modeling world, having been discovered at a mere 13 years of age. Despite taking the time to earn a marketing degree, Khira has continued to advance her modeling career to even higher levels, gradually expanding within France and Europe, and now making a true global push. But her experience over the last decade has given her the knowledge, and condence, to lead her to the very top spot as the Maxim France Cover Girl winner, exploding her exposure in her native France while also enabling her to share her beauty and intrigue with an international audience.

“I saw the contest on the internet,” Khira explains. “I was convinced I was going to win because I believe in myself. Winning the contest was a dream come true, and my family, friends and colleagues were very proud and happy for me.” And this photogenic European beauty already has her sights set on global domination, and has specic goals in mind to achieve this. “I really would like to work with very well known photographers like David LaChapelle or Ellen von Unwerth”, she tells us. As for how winning the Maxim France contest and her feature in this issue sets her up for worldwide expansion, she cuts straight to her honest, unashamed truth: “This is an amazing opportunity, because I always thought I was made for something other than France.” We couldn’t agree more, and are looking forward to more s

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