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Embracing Change Image Credit: The PEAK Malaysia
Embracing Change Image Credit: The PEAK Malaysia

Embracing Change

PETER FINCH Co-Founder and Managing Director of Segamat Panel Boards Sdn Bhd

Looking back, what do you consider the defining moments of your first 100 days in this position?

Luckily, being a CEO, as opposed to a politician, the benchmarking of my first 100 days in office was not an issue. As a co-founder of the business, it was more important to take a much more longterm view to ensure the sustainability of the business. That being said, the most defining moment when starting the business was the realisation that, as CEO, one had huge responsibilities not just for the business, per say, but for all employees, customers, suppliers and their dependants.

What do you regard as the crucial factors for you to stay on top of your game?

Nothing in this world can be taken for granted. Change is inevitable, and some say that change is the only ‘constant’ in life. To complicate matters further, the rate of change is increasing, so to stay on top of your game is to embrace change and strive for continual improvement. This mind set is not just necessary but has become crucial for the survival of your business.

What do you foresee are the game-changing challenges facing your industry and how do you propose to overcome them?

I have already penned an article on some of the challenges being faced by the wood and timber-based panel industries. We are challenged by international, national and industry specific issues. Internationally, we are seeing a retreat from globalisa

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