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Shelby the Shy Image Credit: Ladybug Magazine for Kids
Shelby the Shy Image Credit: Ladybug Magazine for Kids

Shelby The Shy

My name is Shelby, and I’m shy.

Erin Beth Liles

When I’m at the grocery store, people say, “Hello,” and “How old are you?” Even though I’m six years old, my face gets hot.

Mom says, “She’s shy.” That makes me feel worse.

At Vinnie’s Diner, the waiter says, “What’s your name?” I just stare at my plate.

Dad says, “It’s OK, you don’t have to be so shy!”

But I am.

And at birthday parties, kids shout, “Come play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Shelby!” I just shake my head.

The other parents say, “She doesn’t want to play right now.”

But I really do like to play. Everybody always talks about how shy I am, but there are other things to know about me. Today I swam a whole lap without stopping. And last week I beat Kyle in a race around the track. Kyle’s the fastest boy in my class!

My brother Ben is never shy. He’s never afraid. At the grocery store, he talks to everyone. He says, “Hi!” and “I’m five years old!”

At Vinnie’s Diner, he orders his own food and he tells the waiter silly jokes.

And at birthday parties, he plays all of the games. He wins most of them, t

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