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A Castle Around The Corner Image Credit: Ladybug Magazine for Kids
A Castle Around The Corner Image Credit: Ladybug Magazine for Kids

A Castle Around The Corner

Every day, my dad, my sister Jocelyn, and I walk our dog, Strawberry.

We always go the same way, past the restaurant where my dad works. Across the street, where a big building would fit, is nothing but tall grass. Sometimes Strawberry sees a cat there and barks.

But today when we turn the corner, the grass and the cat are gone. Instead, a huge bulldozer is pushing dirt around.

Strawberry barks at it. “It’s OK, Strawberry!” Jocelyn says.

Our neighbor Luis stands in front of the restaurant, watching the bulldozer.

“What are they doing?” I ask.

“They’re building a playground, Angel,”

Luis says. “The bulldozer will make the ground flatter, so everything will stand straight and rainwater will roll away from it.”

There’s going to be a playground by our house! I hope it has a castle with secret tunnels.

Later that week, when we pass the field again, two workers stand in the middle. They hold a big, loud machine. It spins fast and chews holes down into the ground.

Strawberry wants to play with the drill. “That’s not your toy, Strawberry!” I say, pulling on his leash.

The workers make another hole in the ground. When they pull the machine up, it spits dirt everywhere.

“Is that where the castle will go?”

“There will be a castle, Angel,” my dad tells me. “But it might not look like the one from your book. We’ll put it in those holes.”

“You’re building it?”


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