Sedan SUV Racing Car UX Image Credit: d+a
Sedan SUV Racing Car UX Image Credit: d+a

This Sedan Packs More Than A Few Design Stories Under Its Hood

This sedan packs more than a few design stories under its hood.

It could be a race car one day and architecture the next – design can be inspired from all kinds of places. Japanese brand Lexus has perfected that formula with their Cross-Create approach, which sees all kinds of innovative ideas culminate in its first compact SUV, the UX.

It comes in three new exterior colours: Blazing Carnelian, Terrane Khaki and Celestial Blue. Each complement the design, a marriage of an armoured vehicle and a racing car, with arrangements such as a sturdy bonnet with a wide front, flared wheel arches and an angular rear.

Significant attention was paid to the spindle grille, which offers a complex, unique mesh pattern that appears to change at every angle.

Lexus also employed three traditional concepts to the UX’s interior. Japanese architecture essence engawa melds the interior and exterior flawlessly together, while traditional quilting technique sashiko, which is also used for Judo and Kendo uniforms, was influential in the leather seat covers. The trim grain finish was also done similar to washi, the grain of Japanese paper used in homes.

Of course, this is not to say the technological side was ignored. The UX is the first Lexus to be built on its new GA-C global platform, which offers a low centre of gravity and sturdy structure for a stable driving experience.

The compact SUV’s

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