The Terrace House Image Credit: d+a
The Terrace House Image Credit: d+a

The Terrace House

Greenery is in abundance in this project, despite the plot’s long and narrow footprint.

Low Shi Ping

What do you when your client owns a narrow inter-terrace house, measuring only 6m wide, but is a horticulture enthusiast who wants to reside surrounded by greenery? This was the conundrum faced by Carl Lim, the owner of Czarlarchitects.

After careful study, he came up with the solution of subtracting and layering the façade. Working in his favour was the 21m length of the plot, which provided generous spaces for planters, terraces and roof ledges.

As a result, the exterior of the two-and-ahalf-storey house, whether viewed from the front or the top, is fringed with trees and shrubs that spill enthusiastically over the edges of each terrace, offering a bright green articulation against the fair-faced concrete finish.

While this translated into less indoor spaces for the client – a retired bachelor – it meant he could fulfil his wish of being immersed in nature. Additionally, Lim incorporated skylights between the stepped terraces to allow daylight to enter the master bedroom on the second floor.

The concept has not only satisfied the homeowner, but the neighbours on this street in East Coast also get to benefit from the view of lush landscaping when they look out their windows. Talk about win-win all round.

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