Home And Office Image Credit: d+a
Home And Office Image Credit: d+a

Home And Office

Two designers share their best practices when it comes to shaping the interiors of these two different spaces.

Low Shi Ping

We have discovered that designing with a strong visual impact catches the eye and attracts attention. It is also important to inject some fun elements into the design. This we do by infusing classic details with modern contemporary style. Our clients love the idea of having little touches of European influence in their homes to create cosiness in their favorite spaces.

Designing interiors is not just about choosing the right furniture or colour matching fabrics to walls. To make a space complete and interesting, we must have carefully chosen artworks, the right accessories, interesting feature lighting and custom-made rugs with the right softness. Most importantly it needs to be Instagram worthy. All these elements, when put together, completes the design.

One example of this was a residence in Park Manor, Sierramas in Selangor, Malaysia. The brief was to make the home an “IT” place for the owner’s family. We introduced classic panels to the living room walls, with contemporary furniture paired with neutral-toned artwork. The dining area has dark marbled walls enhanced by a vibrant artwork as an accent piece, mimicking the disc pendant lights nearby. The cosy kitchen has cabinetry done with classic panels and warm wood, coupled with a Modern Vibia Disc Feature Light that completes the space.”

Since my childhood, I have been intrigued by the home we live in, the community we belong to and the environment where it all takes place. To

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