The Calvet hanger Image Credit: Identity
The Calvet hanger Image Credit: Identity

The Calvet Hanger

Gaudí is most famous for dramatic architectural creations but his genius can also be found in small items such as the Calvet hanger – introduced in 1903 and now available once more.

Max Tuttle

Say the name Gaudí (whose full name, incidentally, was Antoni Gaudí i Cornet) and most people will think of his large-scale buildings such as the astonishing Sagrada Família or the delightful Casa Batlló.

Yet the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism was also concerned with the smallest details of his projects, resulting in small objects and furnishings that demonstrate Gaudí’s genius on a more diminutive scale.

This month’s icon is therefore a smaller object that originally formed an integral part of an entire building, Casa Calvet, which Gaudí designed for the heirs of the Pedro Mártir Calvet textile company.

While Casa Calvet was built between 1898 and 1900, many details of the building were not completed until 1903. The was also the year in which much of the furniture – also designed by Gaudí, of course – was made.

Measuring 25 centimetres across, the Calvet hanger is possibly the smallest object to have ever been designed by Gaudí. Despite this, it clearly carries the great man’s hallmarks, being complex and fascinating to look at yet wholly purposeful.

The Calvet hanger comprises a central rectangular wooden body, with curved edges and three elongated openings, which is held in the middle by two brass-plated steel ribbons that also join it to its wooden mount and round wooden support. The object performs its duty brilliantly – the bars of

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