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Starting A Family Image Credit: Singapore's Child
Starting A Family Image Credit: Singapore's Child

Starting A Family?

For many young couples, planning For and starting a Family can be an exciting journey. but how do you know iF you are ready? SC speaks to sarojini padmanathan, Families For life council member, For her insight.

Hairin Rahman

In 2016, Families for Life conducted a Marriage Poll that identified top issues faced by married couples. The top three issues were “balancing family and work” (50.2%), “keeping the spark in the marriage alive” (46.1%) and “managing finances” (44.8%). Couples embarking on the family planning journey should have an open, honest conversation to discuss if they are equipped to manage these anticipated issues when they have a family.

Where’s a good place to start?

Both spouses should be on the same page, as having an additional member to the family unit would mean that the couple will have lesser time together alone. In addition, couples also need to discuss their shared anticipation to have children, potential challenges in their future parenting roles such as maintaining good work-life harmony, the support of extended families such as post-natal care giving for both the mother and child, the changes in their physical environment, as well as financial viability. The couple should also assess their health and lifestyle before starting a family as these factors may affect the child’s health.

To help with the family planning process, young couples should tap on the wealth of parenting anecdotes and experiences their parents, grandparents and extended family members have. By roping in their relatives in the process, the couple is able to obtain a variety of perspectives on starting a

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