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Tucking in With Kin Image Credit: Singapore's Child
Tucking in With Kin Image Credit: Singapore's Child

Tucking in With Kin

Eating together as a family is a tradition to uphold.

Raewyn Koh

“Have you eaten?” is more than just a question that asks if you’ve literally just had a meal in Singapore. It’s the equivalent of being asked, “How are you?” and is a common greeting among all racial groups in this country. Answering this question with a ‘no’ raises concerns and a hunt to fill bellies begin – not that Singapore has any lack of good food around. Needless to say, food and eating are ingrained into our culture, so it is heartbreaking to know that few families are able to make the time to eat together as a family.

A campaign was started to resolve this. ‘Eat With Your Family Day’ was started by the Centre of Fathering, a non-profit group that aims to get fathers more involved in their children’s lives. The initiative was started in 2003 and according to a poll taken back then, eight out of 10 Singaporeans did not have dinner with their families on weekdays.



Even if it means pencilling in an appointment for dinner together, it shows that commitment has been made. It often requires family members to give up watching a television programme, or intentionally leaving the office at a certain time to make it home for dinner with the family. Whenever a family member does this, it shows that priorities can always be readjusted and instilled in them and

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