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Winners Image Credit: Adventure Rider Magazine
Winners Image Credit: Adventure Rider Magazine


Who picked up the TomTom Rider 550s we gave away on our way-more-interesting-than-everyone-else’s Facebook page? Read on to find out…

We were belting along, having a ball with the TomTom Rider 450 and 550 the folks at TomTom had given us to try out, and we were telling anyone who’d listen how good they were. We even told TomTom how good we reckoned they were. We navigated all over like mad buggers, loving the convenience of the wireless updating and the fact we could actually use the software without wanting to punch ourselves in the face with frustration.

Then the TomTom folks said, “Seeing as you like them so much, why don’t you give a couple away. Then your readers can see how good they are, too?”

First we thought they wanted to give away our two – a 450 and a 550 – and we went all quiet. But then we realised those champions at TomTom headquarters meant two brand, spanking new ones!

So we were In Like Flint (the 1968 blockbuster starring James Coburn. Not the dumb-arse flick that couldn’t even get the name right last year).


Anyhoo, we had one of the tech-savvy girls in the office (she’s got an iPad and everything) do a Facebook ‘post’ saying we were giving away the two units, and asking people to tell us why the deserved to win one. Next thing we knew we were smashed with heartbreaking stories from the navigationally challenged, all desperately crying for help. Some were funny, some were sad, and some…well. To be honest, some didn’t try all that hard. Responses like

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