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Snoh Aalegra Is Just Getting Started Image Credit: Emirates Woman
Snoh Aalegra Is Just Getting Started Image Credit: Emirates Woman

Snoh Aalegra Is Just Getting Started

Nestled in the Grand Villa Torretta in Milano is our cover star, Snoh Aalegra.

Natalie Westernoff

With a quiet demeanor, Snoh is deemed a current one to watch with hits including ‘Bad Things’ and ‘I Want you around’. It seems that this Scandinavian-born star is on the edge of hitting international stardom. Inspired by some of the greats including Prince, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, and Brandy, she has a unique RnB sound that has been dubbed cinematic soul. Most interestingly, Iranian native Snoh was found by one of the biggest icons of the 70s, Prince. Before he died, the RnB musician was known as his muse.

“Prince found me somewhere on the internet, he would never actually tell me where, but I think some music club very early on. He tried to contact me through my artist page on Facebook but I never saw the message, so he called some other people in the industry,” she tells us of their intriguing connection. “That relationship was very much life-changing and I felt like it was so amazing that somebody like him saw me.”

The relationship between Snoh and Prince was student-mentor, and they kept in touch for three years before he sadly passed away. She solemnly reminisces, “He taught me a lot and I have incredible memories with him. He was one of the funniest and most inspiring people that I had ever been around, his aura was truly magical, so that was special.”

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