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Fitbit Inspire HR Image Credit: T3 India
Fitbit Inspire HR Image Credit: T3 India

Fitbit Inspire HR

Inspire HR brings fitness tracking features at an affordable price.

Kunal Gangar

Fitbit has been one of the frontrunners in the personal fitness tracking space and now to make its devices more accessible, Fitbit recently announced the Inspire models. The Inspire and Inspire HR are not the cheapest fitness trackers in the market but are one of the most affordable ones from Fitbit. This month, we walk and exercise around with the Inspire HR to see if it’s worth the asking price.

It’s function over form for the Inspire HR and it’s evident from the design. The water resistant device (up to 50m) is slightly wider than the Alta HR but not as wide as its other fitness band - Charge 3. The all-black tracking unit features a touchscreen display, which camouflages the small screen and surrounding bezel well while the curve at the bottom integrates the heart rate sensor. The display is responsive but screen legibility is an issue under direct sunlight. There’s a physical button on the left that acts as a back or an action button. The bundled small and large bands are comfortable to wear and replaceable with different colours and styles.

Fitbit devices are easy to use and the Inspire HR is no different. Scrolling down reveals the number of steps walked, current and resting heart rate, calories burned and distance. On the other hand, scrolling above opens up the exercise menu along with an option to relax, alarm or the option to use the countdown timer or a stopwatch. Inspire HR also supports call, message and app notifications t

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