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Full Fat Canon EOS RP Image Credit: T3 India
Full Fat Canon EOS RP Image Credit: T3 India

Full Fat Canon EOS RP

Big sensor, big image quality, big features, medium-sized camera. So where’s the compromise?

1,10,495 (body only) in.canon

Built for people who have got into photography thanks to the wonder of mirrorless cameras, and who are now looking for a step up in quality without resorting to the massive bulk of a DSLR, the Canon EOS RP provides a high-end full-frame sensor for a (relatively) affordable price and in a travel-friendly, portable body.

Full of itself

Full frame sensors are so good partly because, quite simply, they’re big. That means they take in more light, for sharper and brighter shots, which is always welcome. But there’s a second benefit to them:they don’t crop the shot. Smaller sensors, such as the APS-C size that’s most common in similar mirrorless cameras, don’t show you the full view of what the lens can actually see. On an APS-C sensor, the crop is usually around 1.5x, meaning that if you attached a 50mm lens, it’s actually like you’ve attached a 75mm.

Full frame sensors capture, well, the full frame. A 50mm lens acts like a true 50mm lens. This gives you much more control over composing your shots, especially if you want to work in wide-angle.

The full-frame sensor featured on Canon’s EOS RP is 26 megapixels and capable of recording 4K video. There are a few caveats here that we should mention, though: firstly, the sensor doesn’t have its own stabilisation system, so make sure you choose lenses that do; and when recording 4K, you ac

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