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Pioneer PL 990 Image Credit: T3 India
Pioneer PL 990 Image Credit: T3 India

Pioneer PL-990

Pioneering the vinyl!

Anshuman Ghosh

Are turntables still around? Well yes, they are back, doing their service in a limited circle of ardent vinyl fans. With a mix of old and latest handy features, fully automatic turntables aren’t any more a chore to operate!

This Pioneer PL-990 was up on our test rig, its ergonomics instilling in us the confidence, that assembling a turntable and bringing it to life is simply a child’s play. You just need to place the platter and stretch up to the belt to the drive, and it's ready!

Pioneer still stands tall among utility and professional turntable manufacturers and users, known for its ruggedness and durability, its seen generations of turntables, come and go! The PL-990 is an entry-level player, though lightweight, it somewhat carries the old Pioneer DNA of robust build quality and finishes, at first glance.

The features scream ‘fully automatic’, built-in phono equalizer and a moving magnet cartridge system, fit with a diamond stylus. It is a belt driven unit and does not allow DJing or the like. Royal in black, the looks still have a retro touch of the 70s, with simple, long, operating buttons on the front panel. In fact, it can gel well with nearly any decor of your house.

The player can be connected directly to an auxiliary input of an amplifier or built-in amplifier speaker. Suggest good quality cable extensions be used, if the power amplifier unit is placed at a distance from it. There is surprisingl

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