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Gadget Guru Image Credit: T3 India

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T3’s tech mechanic is here to install an electric knowledge kit


Can I turn my car electric?

A Guru sees where you’re coming from, reader. You can do this sort of thing to bikes with a little persistance and one of Cyclotricity’s conversion kits. Guru also thinks you’re a bit mad for considering such a thing.

Nonetheless, you might be able to get the job done, but not alone. You’ll need specialist help, the willingness to leave your vehicle with a mechanic for a long time, and a wallet that just can’t stand to have all that cash in it for one second longer. ZeroEV can supply a basic Tesla large drive unit package, which will set you back approx. 10 lakhs before you’ve even considered the cost of installation, the Tesla battery modules you’ll need, exactly where they’re going to go in your car, and if it’ll even work out at all. There are cheaper DC motors, cheaper batteries, different ways to actually do the conversion. You might be able to get it done for less. And yes, Guru has seen a video of a Porsche 911, powered by a Tesla kit, set on fire just to look cool, and that did set him tingling. But this isn’t something you should necessarily do unless you’re feeling overly frivolous. A better choice might be to sell on what you’ve got and pick up a new electric car. There’s now more to pick from, with all and sundry getting into the game: VW’s e-Up might just cost less t

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