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Hair Care Image Credit: Salon International
Hair Care Image Credit: Salon International

Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum by Kérastase - A New Bedtime Ritual for Hair

Luxury hair care brand, Kérastase, introduces Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum.

Hovig Etoyan

It works on the hair like a rich night cream works on the face, by intensifying the restorative power of sleep to nourish and repair the hair overnight. 45% of women use an overnight treatment in their skin care routines, saving the most concentrated, powerful products for night time use. 8h Magic Night Serum is an intensive overnight hair treatment that slowly transforms the hair over eight hours. It extends professional luxury care to a bedtime ritual, and is the fullest expression of the ‘skiniú -cation’ of hair care. It is a serious, wellness-based approach to hair that reflects the way women think of personal beauty

The innovation

The hair scientists have designed the 8H Magic Night Serum to be used just before bed, with no washing or wetting required. Its application also takes care of friction. When we rest our head on a pillow, it is friction that damages the hair, making the cuticle rough, while heat and air conditioning cause dry conditions that dehydrate hair. It is the first hair serum containing highly penetrating ingredients that completely disappear overnight. No product remains on the hair in the morning. What is left behind is beautifully soft hair with a satin finish, a completely weightless effect.

Infused with goodness

8H Magic Night Serum combines the nourishing power of the classic Nutritive range with the opportunity to restore and repair hair overnight. Infused with Vitamin

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