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Mohammad Amjad Education and Focus are Key Image Credit: Salon International
Mohammad Amjad Education and Focus are Key Image Credit: Salon International

Mohammad Amjad - Education And Focus Are Key

With Salon India, Mohammad Amjad, winner of TIGI Backstage Heroes Season 2, reflects on his early days in the hairdressing industry, training to be part of the platform and his overall experience

What inspired you to take up hairdressing?

I come from a family of hairdressers; both my grandfather and father were barbers. I have grown up watching them do their job and at a very early stage in my life I realised this is what I wanted to do, as well.

Please share your professional education.

My elder brother was my driving force in kickstarting my professional journey. In 2004, I came to Delhi for professional training in hairdressing and styling. I, then, decided to open a women’s salon in 2008 as in Jalandhar options for women did not exist. I was one of the first! It fills me with pride that I inspired others to venture into the salon business.

How did you hear about TIGI Backstage Heroes?

TIGI Backstage Heroes is a unique platform that discovers hairdressing talent in the country and gives it a global platform. I participated last year as well and was the finalist. I have had my eye on the winner’s trophy since then!

How did you prepare yourself for the competition?

In August 2018, TIGI Global Educators Ralf Boss and Andy Cheong held a workshop with the regional finalists where we were taught new techniques in cut and styling. This year, when they announced a theme for the finale, the TIGI Education team decided to mentor us. For our Street Style theme, they shared a reference image wherein the model was wear

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