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Rolando Sez Holistic Approach To Hair Image Credit: Salon International
Rolando Sez Holistic Approach To Hair Image Credit: Salon International

Rolando Sáez Holistic Approach To Hair

Rolando Sáez visualises beauty as a global concept, which is linked to hair and make-up. His work is characterised by innovation and unique techniques which he uses from the beginning to the end of the process.

Aradhana V Bhatnagar

Early years

Born in Santiago de Chile and currently residing in Bilbao, Spain, I have a Fine Arts background. I have always been passionate about ‘image’. So, in 2008, I went to Switzerland to pursue a degree in image interpretation, and developed the ability to visualise hairdressing, make-up and image, in its entirety.

Interest in hairdressing

I think about beauty as a whole. The face is linked to the hair, therefore the colour applied to the hair, make-up, and even the skin tone, must be combined perfectly to make a total look. With these concepts in my mind, I decided to study hair cosmetics and hairdressing when I was 25. While studying, I started to work as a hairdresser in Arriaga Theatre of Bilbao. I had to comb the hair of an entire cast of dancers and characterise the main dancer for Igor Yebra’s ballet. It was magical, because I found passion and love for this profession!


Over the years, I have met many people, but those who have influenced me are Iñaki Alcubilla, Gorka Gracia, Laura Garcia, José Luis ‘Manos Tijeras’ and my friend, Juan Carlos Campos, Vice President of the Personal Image Association of Bizkaia-Spain. They have taught me to see hairdressing in a global way a

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