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Sugar Candy A Tale Of Love Luxury Image Credit: Business Of Fashion
Sugar Candy A Tale Of Love Luxury Image Credit: Business Of Fashion

Sugar Candy A Tale Of Love & Luxury

Sugar Candy’s story is an offshoot of Seema Khandelwal’s foiled searches for distinctive and elegant clothing for her daughter, when she was growing up.

Gurbir Singh Gulati

These futile attempts culminated in inspiring her to team up with Nipul Panchal and launch what would eventually become synonymous with exclusive and tasteful fashion options for young girls.

Sugar Candy’s main target base is young girls upto 14 years of age who desire to start early with fashion. The core competence of the brand lies in its design excellence and one-off bespoke services, developing dresses on a custom built method, centered around each consumer’s specific taste and profile. Embodying the world of elegance and beauty, the brand believes in setting long lasting standards by being faithful to its identity of love and luxury.

As an extended feature of the special International Women’s Wear issue, team IMAGES BoF caught up with, Seema Khandelwal, who also functions as one of the key designers, about the brand’s exclusivity and the inspirations that fuel its innovative modus operandi.

IBoF: Tell us about how you started with kidswear and a bit about your background. Seema Khandelwal (SM):

I have been fortunate to be blessed with an amazing daughter, Radhika. While Radhika was growing up, I used to pick out the most elegant and comfortable clothes for her to wear. We started enjoying the process of creating aesthetic clothing for her. However, I found it challenging to find the perfect clothes for her since there was a scarcity of chic clothes for small girls. This represented a market opportunity

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