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7th Sin Image Credit: Business Of Fashion
7th Sin Image Credit: Business Of Fashion

The brand 7th Sin was launched in the year 2010 as a jeansmith for the trailblazer, the dreamer, the pioneer, the individual- the one! As per its philosophy, the brand looks at denim as a canvas for personal style rather than a universal fabric. In line with this, 7th Sin is pushing the boundaries and paving a new way for denim lovers all over the country. As a connoisseur of washes and an authority on fit, the brand is famed for putting its own spin on the classics; producing coveted styles and washes that are weathered, worn and personal — scrupulously developed to look and feel like they have been owned for years.

Target Group

The brand’s core target audience are teenagers, who like to stand up, be noticed and celebrate their personal culture.

Top Selling Collection

Although all the collections enjoy excellent demand, the denim collection under the theme Denimology has proven to be the best selling for 7th Sin.

Latest Collection

The brand’s latest collection is called Revenge of Bulls.

Product Expansion Plans

As of now, the brand is not looking into expanding its product range; it is looking to further work on the existing products. It has plans to work on washes to give a loud look to the new collection.

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