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Observations 2017: Online Shopper Behaviour

Online retail has come far, from its paltry days leading the way of having just Amazon and eBay in its kitty to a vast expanse of shops to the more synchronized avatar of the mouse-andwebpage. Implementation of technology within the retail space is shaping how consumers interact with brands today.

More information and choices to compare product and price have become an ongoing popular means to woo consumers. Convenience has also played an important factor, with people being able to shop from the comforts of their designated locations. The ease in payment methods, delivery and customer service adds the needed icing to this elaborately crafted cake.

Buyer behaviour of consumers is proportional to the success of a brand and hence, marketers follow consumer interactions and recent trends closely. This is influenced by many external and internal factors but the promoter company can also influence the final procedure of buyer decision-making process significantly by studying these carefully.

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June 2017