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Happily Everafter Image Credit: Teenage Magazine
Happily Everafter Image Credit: Teenage Magazine

Happily Everafter

Feeling down in the dumps? These instant get-happy tips are guaranteed to boost your mood in the next few minutes.

Isabel Pang


What’s more uplifting than belting out the lyrics to your favourite tracks at the top of your lungs? While we tend to find comfort in sad songs, plugging into some upbeat tunes can lift your spirits. Lip sync to Taylor Swift on your way to school, memorise your lecture notes to the beats of Calvin Harris, and dance the night away with Ariana Grande on blast. Or do yourself a favour and flip to p.56 – we’ve got your feel-good playlist covered.


 We’re not talking about enjoying ice cream or splurging on new outfits – as gratifying as they sound, the initial burst of happiness will soon be gone and replaced by feelings of regret. Give yourself a reward by taking a taxi home instead of the hour-long bus ride so you have more time to rest; indulge in a Starbucks cuppa if it gives you a better start to the day, or give in to that midday snooze if it helps you focus for the next few hours. You deserve it!


 While the idea of tidying up your room might not seem like the most appealing of options, you’ll be surprised how being organised can help to make you feel decidedly more zen. It’s time to clear out clutter in your life – get rid of those stacks of unwanted bills, piles of old clothes, and makeup empties. The mere act of cleaning is so thera

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