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The Power Of A Voice Image Credit: Teenage Magazine
The Power Of A Voice Image Credit: Teenage Magazine

The Power Of A Voice

Hoping to “push the boundaries of our ‘hush-hush’ society”, here’s how UNSAID’s Executive Director Timothy Seet is seeking to spark change through conversation.

Germaine Cheah

What is UNSAID?

A social-minded collective of young doers, UNSAID is committed to transforming the untold narratives of Singapore into meaningful works of art.

Diagnosed with Major Depression at 18, Timothy has had first-hand experience with the struggles of having a mental health disorder. But while conversation surrounding this topic still remains heavily stigmatised, the 24-year-old isn’t about to let that stop him from opening up. The passionate social advocate has since come together with a group of friends to kickstart UNSAID. Focusing their campaign on mental health this year, it’s safe to say that the student-led collective is slowly cementing itself as a medium for youths to be engaged.

What made you so passionate about uncovering hidden narratives?

I wanted to have conversation surrounding social issues on a deeper and more effective manner. I remember speaking at a youth-based conference, where everyone in the audience was between 30-40 years old, and I realised that these were the leaders of the youth organisation. I then felt the need to voice out that youths were being spoken for and not spoken with, because our opinions on social issues weren’t really getting transferred over to the older generation.

Why did you d

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