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Waves Inspire Expleos 110m Elyon Concept Image Credit: Asia-Pacific Boating
Waves Inspire Expleos 110m Elyon Concept Image Credit: Asia-Pacific Boating

Waves Inspire Expleo's 110m Elyon Concept

EXPLEO DESIGN has unveiled a radical, futuristic design for a 110m, six-deck megayacht with a 14.5m beam that could accommodate up to 30 guests.

The husband-and-wife team of Demetrius Tanase and Dana Tanase created Expleo in 2012 and said ‘greatness’ was the design drive and ‘aim for the highest’ was the motto for the Elyon concept, which could be built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure.

“The organic shapes used to draw the yacht combine elements inspired by nature assembled in a futuristic and innovative approach,” Tanase said.

“Our main inspiration was a calm wave, which gives the design lines. We studied and observed the grace of the wave and wanted to capture it in our project. Calm and elegant, firm and strong at the same time. That characterises Elyon.”

As well as the flowing curves of the hull and superstructure, eye catching design features include the plunging bow, blending between decks, wide glass windows and three structural grilles on each side. “Clean design and wide spaces offer an immense feeling of freedom and the size of it offers the feeling of power,” Tanase said.

The yacht features lounge, dining and sunbathing areas, an aft swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, gym, wellness area, and a games and casino room. The fore deck features a helicopter pad, with the space underneath designated as a party zone with a forward view and indoor pool.

“We envision the feelings, comfort and pleasure of enjoying a calm and sunny sea into a 110m superyacht concept that can take you to a different level of happin

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