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Names Children Ban Image Credit: The Finder Singapore
Names Children Ban Image Credit: The Finder Singapore

7 Banned Baby Names

Here’s why you can’t legally name your child “Violet” in Malaysia, “Hendrix” in Portugal and more!

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Your baby girl might be a princess in your eyes, but the New Zealand government wants you to reserve your outpour of affection to pet names. Also banned are other royal titles like King, Knight, and Empress.


In Portugal, some names with a connection to famous people – even non-Portuguese ones – are outlawed. Look what you've done, Jimi!


Sun’s not a bad name, but in Malaysia, names associated with natural phenomena are banned. This includes Suria (meaning “sun” in Malay), Awan (“cloud”) and more.


If you’d love for your daughter to take after Harry Potter's Hermione Granger, in Mexico, you can’t name her as such. Neither can you name your son Harry Potter, to prevent possible bullying.


Thankfully, Kate Winslet isn’t Malaysian – or she’d have to find another name for her son Bear Blaze. Apparently, all names of animals, fruits and vegetables are banned in Malaysia. Colours, too! It’s why the seemingly innocuous name “Violet” is off-bounds.


Speaking of natural phenomena, Pluto has been rejected not only as a planet, but also as a name in Denmark. Separately, this Scandinavian country has a list of pre-approved names for babies. Meaning, creative spellings of, say, “

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