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Womenite Image Credit: Woman's Era
Womenite Image Credit: Woman's Era


An initiative for gender equality.

All of us come from diverse backgrounds. However, irrespective of our cultures and societies isn’t everyone here either Aunt Sally or the striker playing with the balls of patriarchy? Every one of us breathes in the air of Androcentrism—the system that positions males in the centre of the universe, sidelining their female counterparts. Our behaviour, our thoughts, and our mindsets – all of them are patriarchal in every possible manner. Be it our disposition to restrict daughters in the name of protectiveness; or circumscribing limits for the genders, expecting a particular behaviour from them by defining what’s acceptable and what’s not—our minds are confined in staunch walls of orthodoxy and we are centuries behind our time.

Womenite was conceived amidst this silent yet swift commotion. The core belief of this organization consisting of young people is that a healthy society can sustain only when all its entities, i.e., all the genders have equal rights and equal footing. As women seem to be the most marginalised, if we do not segment the society into communities, it’s an essential need for all of us that they get what they deserve and hence equality is essential for a healthy society.

Womenite, a non-profit organisation was founded by Harshit Gupta, a student of NSIT, Delhi. “My mom and all the women who are around me are my inspirat

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