Is Your Personality Mentally Starched?
Woman's Era|April 2020
Is Your Personality Mentally Starched?
If so, iron it out.
I. M. Soni

You are wrapped up in your own self and hence handicapped. Progress halted. Any new knowledge comes from outside the self – not from “expert” but from an “inpert.”

Pasteur was not an M.D. the Wright brothers were not aeronautical engineers but bicycle mechanics. Einstein was a mathematician not an physicist. Madam Curie was not a M.D. but a physicist, yet she made vital contributions to medical science.

Maxwell Maltz says that self-image is the key to human personality and behaviour. Change the self-image and you transform the human beings. Self-image sets the bounds of personal achievement. It decides what you can and cannot do. Expand the self-image and you expand the area of the possible.

There is evidence in psychology psychosomatics and industrial psychology that there are happy phone personalities and unhappy personalities just as there are healthy and disease-prone personalities. It throws light on positive as well as negative thinking. And why does it work with some, not others? It works when it is in tune, not when in conflict with self-image.

It is a goal-striving mechanism which works for you as a success mechanism or against you as a failure mechanism depending on how “you” operate it.

Self-image is changed not by intellect alone but by experiencing. “Teaching” a man or a woman how to love, does not help but making him or her “experience” love does.

We learn to function successfully by experiencing success. Memories of success are stored information which serve as a storehouse of confidence.

If a person has not experienced success how can he draw from it? He is like a person who cannot get a job because he has no experience and cannot have experience because he has no job. You can “create” experience in your mind and benefit from it. Public speakers have done it. Unhappy persons have enjoyed life by “experiencing” happiness! It requires a minimum of about 21 days to bring about a change in mental image, says Maxwell Maltz.

Creative imagination is not the elusive domain of the poet, the inventor and the thinker. It belongs to everybody because imagination sets the goal picture which the mind works on. We act not because of will but because of imagination.

R.A. Vandell proved that mental practice in throwing darts at a target where the person sits in front of the target, and imagines throwing darts at it, improved aim as much as throwing does.

Your personality growth requires clearing the decks of the mind. Paralysing doubts should be buried. A new you, full of zest and confidence, with no dark clouds in the mind, will find it easier to respond to hard life-situations.

‘Darklings’ have the notion rooted in their minds that life is full of misery, strife and conflict, that you are here to suffer blows of ‘destiny’.

There can be no fine art of growing unless you believe first in the worthwhileness of life. Life is worthwhile and meaningful and has deep satisfactions to yield, if you do not wallow in shallowness of thinking.


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April 2020