I Still Have An Hourglass Figure
Woman's Era|September Second 2018
I Still Have An Hourglass Figure

But it takes an hour to figure it out.....Ha, Ha!

Dr Rumy Agarwal

One word that can throw women into a tizzy, get them all tied up in knots or even make them come unstuck at the hinges is Ageing ! There is something so intimidating about this word that the feistiest, the doughtiest among us get rattled out of our wits. And this fear starts quite early, y'know, as early as in the Thrilling Thirties! As soon as we cross the third decade of our lives, many of us develop a hesitation to disclose our exact age (we say things like "touching 30," “early 30s", even "late 20s").

The question is, is this really necessary? Why does ageing scare us so? Why do we behave so oafishly when it comes to adding years to our lives? Look, ageing is like an elephant in the room – you just can't miss it. Each of us is ageing every minute of each day – no one gets off scot-free, then why this paranoia ? C'mon ladies, cut yourselves some slack and be mentally prepared to walk into a dappled sunset. Hey, while I think a certain amount of worry about things like wrinkles is totally normal, becoming obsessed with looking young isn't.

Many women attempt to hide their age with Botox to take away smile lines, face-lifts to tighten skin, and other plastic surgery rocedures in an effort to hide their age and appear younger. I personally feel that these procedures are not only unnecessary but , in the long run, harmful as well. Everywhere you look today the market is offering you the secrets of anti-ageing: the miracle face cream, a wacky new diet, an herbal supplement used by Cleopatra.

But here’s a little secret: anti-ageing doesn’t exist.

See, when you buy a shampoo because the label claims it’ll give you thick shiny locks which will be your crowning glory, or a toothpaste because it promises a dazzlingly white million-dollar smile, you expect to get at least something of what you paid for. But when you buy a cream that touts its anti-ageing effects, you’re setting yourself up for exploitation (in other words, "being taken for a ride"). "Anti-ageing” is inherently an impossibility. You can make weekly appointments with your beautician, slather on vitamin A derivatives to unclog your pores, boost collagen and speed cell turnover and get those doctor-recommended eight hours of sleep every night, but the truth is, everyone is ageing with each passing second. All of the beauty products and Botox in the world can’t prevent that. And why the hell are we subtly reinforcing the message that ageing is a condition we need to battle ?

When you stop and really think about it, the beauty industry’s obsession with anti-ageing is bizarre. We cannot stop the passage of time, so why on Earth are we goaded on to judge each other for time’s effect on the human body? Diet, sunlight, and pollution contribute to cell mutation, and even if you don’t like to see it in the mirror, it IS there – for you, for me, for EVERYONE. So, instead of trying to arrest the process of ageing (which you cannot), what if you made it your goal to protect and nourish your skin – not stop time? You’ll have skin that ages because it’s inevitable, but it will age gracefully and naturally, looking a lot healthier and more youthful along the way.

Ageing is a beautiful thing. It means that you are alive, that you get to experience this beautiful gift of life. You are experiencing new things, growing into a better person, and deepening your love for the people and world around you. There are many positive things about ageing, but you won’t see any pro-ageing creams out there. Antiageing is a sales pitch – a marketing ploy that taps into your deepest fears and gets you to buy stuff that you don’t need. You have zero control over the fact that you are ageing – but you have total control over how you handle it.

What about focusing, instead, on the benefits of ageing, and the effect that ageing has on wisdom? Would we really want to turn back the clock on everything, and be back in high school again? Okay, I'll give you something to think about:


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September Second 2018