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Face Pack Fables
Face Pack Fables
Help your client unveil radiant skin with a regular use of face packs. Read on Kalwyna Rathod’s detailed analysis on dos and don’ts attached to face pack usage and its importance in a skincare routine
Kalwyna Rathod

Give your client's skin that little extra–think of a simple face pack for glowing skin in addition to the basic cleansing, toning, moisturising routine. There isn't a need to go for expensive spa or salon treatments to sport naturally radiant skin. It's important to get the basics right when it comes to the use face packs. If your client is too stressed to look for a suitable pack for her skin type, suggest her ingredients based on her skin type. Read on to know DIY face pack recipes that you can suggest to your clients.


Face packs can do wonders for the skin, but few mistakes are to be taken care of during the application as these could harm the skin.

Advise clients to do a patch test first

The idea is to not fall for the advertising and packaging. It's important to use products that suit the skin. A patch test done by using a bit of the product behind the ear can help a great deal. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and if there's any redness or irritation over the next 24-48 hours, don't use the product. If all goes well, recommend them to use the product once a week, and progress to twice a week, if need be.

Suggest clients to take their skin type into account

Just as a cleanser or moisturiser is choosen according to the skin type, face packs should also be selectively chosen. If your client has dry skin, recommend hydrating masks and ask them to steer clear of ingredients like acids and alcohols, sulphur, clay, and benzoyl peroxide. If she has oily skin, packs with ingredients that absorb oil, like clay, mud, and sea salt, will work well for her.

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January 2020