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How To Get Head hunted Image Credit: Cosmopolitan - South Africa
How To Get Head hunted Image Credit: Cosmopolitan - South Africa

How To Get Head-hunted

They know the jobs that don’t get advertised and are in with that CEO you want to work for.Here’s how to make their hit list.

Jessica Powell

Your phone rings. You answer. A chirpy voice says, ‘I’m calling to offer you a job. You’re looking at a R20K raise. There is, I can confirm, an office puppy.’ And then you wake up. Being head-hunted sounds like the stuff of dreams but it does happen – and more than you might think, as social media is enabling talent scouting in ways never before possible. A recent survey found that 97% of recruiters now use LinkedIn to hunt for would be candidates*. (Don’t have a profile? Stop reading this, create one, then come back.) You’re already in with a good chance as statistics** suggest women are more than 10% more likely to get head-hunted than men. How do you become a head-hunter’s next target? We asked some of the best in the business…

Beware of the power of your junior

The number-one way you’ll come to a headhunter’s attention is by being recommended by someone in their network. ‘I spend the majority of my time meeting industry professionals, and I hear the same names repeated – people’s reputations always precede them,’ says Mohammed Mirza, chief executive officer of Luxury Recruit, who head-hunts for the likes of Chanel and Ralph Lauren, and has placed senior managers and creative directors at some of the best-known luxury brands. It’s not just your boss’s good books you want to get in and stay in, though. ‘I place as m

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