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Are You Ready To Lose Yourself
Are You Ready To Lose Yourself
How often does one experience a place before you know it? How long does it take to become one with it? Its cultures, its soul…to grasp its grand natural wonders? Some say it takes a lifetime. We say it takes a mere Gondwana moment.”

Gondwana’s accommodation is more than just a bed night and breakfast. Each of our properties was carefully and individually constructed, the location hand-picked near phenomenal attractions, each with its own identity and charm. All our lodges are managed in accordance with sound environmental principles and embrace Namibia’s rich cultural diversity.

The story of Gondwana

We believe that the land, her people and the vast expanses that stretch to endless horizons should have the opportunity to tell their stories. The yesterdays, the todays, and all the tomorrows that await beyond the spectacular Namibian sunsets. This is our purpose. This is what we offer. To tell the stories of Namibia so that the world and all future generations may hear them.

The Gondwana Collection Namibia as we know it today started off more than 20 years ago with the dream to play a role in rejuvenating and protecting our environment. An environment that had suffered decades of land misuse, misguided policies and recurrent drought; leaving much of Namibia a devastated landscape with diminished animal and plant life, as well as inadequate employment levels.

This desire motivated us to establish various nature parks, and thus our vision began to take shape. A vision for a sustainable company that would not only protect the environment, but also be committed to Namibia’s social enrichment.

During the time of our existence we have grown to encompass many of Namibia’s most desirable tourist destinations, creating a multitude of jobs and aiding in the protection of vast areas of our country. However, inspired by the words of Horace Mann, we believe that our purpose has not truly been fulfilled if we have not won some victory for humanity. And this is what we continuously strive towards.

Our victories extend beyond conserving natural and cultural heritages, as we are passionate about sharing Namibia’s diverse beauty with our guests. A true Namibian experience should forever leave an imprint on one’s soul.

Our sincerity, warmth and the distinctive character of each of our properties give visitors the unique opportunity to feel instantly and deeply connected. And so, we arrive at the one simple idea that captures the essence of our brand – “Have a story to tell.”

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November 2019