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No Room For Sin Image Credit: Outlook Traveller
No Room For Sin Image Credit: Outlook Traveller

No Room For Sin

At Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Zac O’Yeah finds himself stretching muscle and mind to a new tune.

Zac O’Yeah

The winter sun is gentle, palm fronds rustle, and I’m lying on my back wrapped inside a thick layer of banana leaves as I chew on things in my head. A meditation teacher has just told me that my mind is a drunken monkey. How did he know?

The Shreyas Yoga Retreat experience is conducive to third-degreeing oneself—in case of doubt, their slogan on the gatepost reads, “journey of self-discovery”. Here, I’m lifted out of my natural circumstances of unthinking non-veg hogging and brain-numbing boozing to be inserted into a veggie utopia as far from a bar as the sun is from the moon. There’s nothing to do other than observe myself, “witness” as the guru put it, and figure how to improve my life.

One of the in-house naturopathy doctors at the new Anaha Spa devises a plan for how to deal with my obesity, bad habits and hypertension, and gives me a colourful timetable that chronicles my hours for the duration of my stay. Not only am I signed up for three to four massages each day, but also twice daily yoga and meditation, plus there’s the gym and swimming pool to deal with. I never thought reso

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