Forehand Tennis Sport Image Credit: Tennis
Forehand Tennis Sport Image Credit: Tennis

4 Tips To Help You Hit A Strong Running Forehand

To hit a great shot on the move, your brain must be as quick as your feet

Nick Bollettieri

I have a lot of trouble hitting forehands on the run—basically, I can’t control the ball. What can I do to improve this shot?

First, turn your shoulders and begin moving your racquet back as soon as you start running. To reach more difficult balls on the run, you’ll need to shorten your backswing.

Second, practice all types of stances. The amount of time you have will determine the stance you’ll use. If you have time, use a closed or semi-open stance; if you don’t have much time, you’ll be forced to use an open stance.

Third, maintain a balanced posture.

Last but not least, be sure to get the racquet head under the ball and hit the outside of the ball. Anticipate and start moving before the ball crosses the net, so you have as much time as possible to prepare for the shot.

This may sound like a lot to think about, but practice makes perfect.

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