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Alex Bregman Image Credit: Sports Card Monthly
Alex Bregman Image Credit: Sports Card Monthly

Alex Bregman Wants To Be The Best Baseball Player You Have Ever Seen

Alent Alex Bregman wants one thing: to be the best baseball player you have ever seen.

Jeff Sullivan

Houston Astros All-Star infielder Alex Bregman is trying to level the playing field. Not just between the white lines, where the World Series hero is one of today’s elite all-around players, already a perennial MVP candidate at 25 years young.

His goal is simple, if not fearlessly far reaching: “I want to be the LeBron James of baseball,” Bregman told Bleacher Report in February.

This is multi-tiered. Without question, Bregman’sobjective is to win more championships, make more All-Star teams, claim an American League MVP award, and maybe give a speech one afternoon in Cooperstown. But the proud product of Albuquerque, New Mexico - perhaps its second most popular former resident after Walter White - also wants to promote the game he so adores, and perhaps himself in the process.

Major League Baseball is thriving financially, with every team turning significant profits and its players earning record salaries. Bregman himself signed a six-year, $100

million extension this spring. However, in terms of social media and crossover celebrity, “America’s Pastime” is just that. Old school. In 2016, according to Sports Business Journal, the average fan was 57 years old, whereas the average NBA fan was 42, with the NFL in the middle.

So while Bregman is by leaps and bounds the social-media leader of baseball, with nearly a million combined followers on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, his social engagements this pa

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